I challenge leaders on strategy, management and innovation.

Drawing from my senior leadership experience in strategy, strategic planning, investing, and management consulting, I aim to drive innovation and disciplined execution for my clients.

Some relevant experiences





Investor and entrepreneur in residence at Kaszek Ventures (2016-17)


Helped iFood craft and execute its short and long-term strategy against aggressive competition and raise $500M in 2018, by then the largest private round in Latam.


Co-led Latin America operations and investments at GFC, launching Mexico and Colombia. In 4 years deployed north of $200M in 70+ companies across Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Some investments and board memberships: TrybeBoldFlashNomadNiloClara, Medway, Gringo, Wonder Brands and several others.

I have mentored and worked with some of the best innovators in Latin America

Feedback on my work

It’s been a pleasure to work with Alex, he is a hard working, direct and straightforward guy, who at the same time is a very nice person and who understands that one thing is theory and another execution, and how hard execution can be. He invested time with us understanding the market and our local nuances, while sharing his knowledge and past experience which was very valuable to us.

Alex has been one of the most influential investors we have. His support and insights have helped us navigate tough business decisions and articulate a stronger vision for the company. He is hands on when we need it, but also laid back, empathetic and understanding. He really gets the challenges of building a successful business in Latam.

Alex has been a great partner since before he was an investor at Nilo. He was genuinely interested in Healthcare and in our story as founders, and pushed us to think further about the thesis with the right questions about GTM and product positioning. As part of our board, Alex would bring tough and provocative questions, but still be very respectful with our points of view and strategic decisions. I’d highly recommend Alex as a thought partner, insightful investor and fun person to spend time with!
Alex has an impressive mix of hard and soft skills that are very rare and valuable on the tech industry. He has a great character/ethics, entrepreneur mindset mixed with great people skills. On the other hand, he’s a very talented strategy leader, knows a lot about business analytics, different markets and has been always driven by growth. It was a pleasure and great learning working with him.

Working with Alex has been great! Always approachable and willing to support us while being respectful with our time and priorities; always eager to provide his honest and candid POV/ feedback while being highly empathetic; always able to provide valuable questions, ideas, feedback, materials, and/or connections on the most important areas/ priorities of business at a given point in time. He’s added a lot of value to us at Melonn, especially during 2022 when we had to adjust to a new reality; with insistence and sound arguments and data, he was one of the first persons to help us understand what lied ahead from very early on, which helped us adjust fast to avoid putting the company at risk and setting it up for success in a new market reality.

Alex is one of the most inspiring leaders I have ever worked with. He is extremely bright, resourceful and well connected, a powerful combination that leads to out-of-the-box insights, ideas and problem solving. Combine these qualities with great leadership skills, hands-on attitude, tremendous energy and you have an inspirational leader.

Alex has been an exceptional mentor and guide to me throughout our business journey. He has a natural ability to connect with people and understand their needs, and this skill has helped us immensely in developing Wonder Brands. With Alex’s guidance, we were able to identify strengths and weaknesses, and craft a roadmap to achieve our goals. His experience in the industry has been invaluable in helping us navigate various challenges and make informed decisions.

I have had the pleasure of working with Alex at our company board for some time now, and I can confidently say that he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable venture capitalists I have ever worked with. His ability to map risks and think comprehensively about the market scenario is unparalleled. I have found him to be a thoughtful, candid, and strategic partner who is committed to the success of our company. His deep experience in venture capital, particularly in Latin America, has been a significant asset in helping us navigate the challenges we face in the current market environment. His insights into the market and his ability to identify trends and opportunities have been invaluable in helping us refine our path. His guidance has helped us stay focused on the most critical aspects of our business and make the most of our resources. I highly recommend Alex to any company seeking guidance and support in navigating the complex venture capital landscape. His personal relationships within the industry and his deep knowledge of the market make him an invaluable asset to any board. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to our company.

Alex is a person you would like to have by your side as an entrepreneur, sharp and tough as necessary, and at times empathetic and provocative. Regardless of the moment, you always have the feeling that he is playing with you and for you!
Happy to have worked with him for these years!

Alex can see the potential in founders and very early-stage business sometimes even better than the founders themselves (that was the case with us!). Also, he has a great network of high level people and a keen eye for talent at startups. It is great having him around in our journey!

Alex is a pleasure to work with! Team player. Thinks big. Always available. Quick, direct and on point responses. He knows whats is important to founders, respects the journey and always lends a helping hand when needed.
Working with Alex has been a pleasure from day one until the very last moment. He is the kind of partner you want on your team – not only he is smart, driven and well-researched, but he is also a super-nice and empathetic person to work with. I fully recommend him as a teammate in any endeavor I can think of.

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